To the Fund Christoffel Plantin

The Fund was created by a few friends who came up with the idea to grant a PRIZE to a person:

  • – with the Belgian nationality,
  • – residing abroad,
  • – active in the cultural, artistic, scientific or social sector,
  • – little known in Belgium,
  • – whose work contributes to the prestige of our country abroad,
  • – who deserves the attention of his compatriots.

From what precedes, one understands why Christoffel Plantin would have liked to link his name to this Fund. The prize is granted annually and consists of a sum of money and a medal. In 2011 it was decided that from then on, the Prize would alternatively be granted in one of the following categories: social engagement (2015, 2018, …), culture (2016, 2019, …) and science (2014, 2017, …).

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  • Laureates

    Candidates & choice of the laureate

    The laureate is chosen by the board of directors and by the members of the Fund. After a thorough analysis of all documents and after consultation of experts in the domain of the candidates, three candidates are retained by the board of directors. The members are then given the opportunity to choose from these three candidates.

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  • Christoffel Plantin

    About Christoffel Plantin

    Christoffel Plantin (1520-1589) established himself in Antwerp in 1548 or 1549. He evolved from bookbinder to book-printer in 1555. Christoffel Plantin had quite a few houses in Antwerp, but on the 24th of June 1576 he moved for the the last time to a house called “groote huysinghe” on the Vrijdagmarkt in Antwerp. He changed the name of this house to ‘De gulden Passer’ (i.e. The Golden Compass. After his death, he was succeeded by his son in law and heir Jan Moretus (a latinised form of Moerentorf). He was able to set the basis for the century-long existence of the “Officina Plantiniana”.

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  • Organisation

    About the Fund

    The Fund is organised as a association without lucrative objective whose statutes have been published in the official Belgian Journal (Belgisch Staatsblad) of October 18th 1973 and modified on May 30th 2006 and May 8th 2008.

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